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Let's go Green!


As with everything we do, we also do our best when it comes to sustainability. As an event agency, we constantly review the economic, ecological and social demands placed on us and step by step we are moving towards green – from a long-term and entrepreneurial perspective!

In order to improve our energy efficiency and organize events that are as climate friendly as possible, we pay attention to:

  • Green catering: high-quality regional and seasonal products - if possible, with fair trade and organic label, no individually packaged food, vegetarian & vegan offers, food sharing.

  • Waste: produce as little waste as possible - recycle waste and avoid plastic.

  • Reusable: crockery and other utensils are used multiple times, digital solutions instead of piles of paper.

  • Mobility: use of environmentally friendly vehicles, the INCANTO employees are enthusiastic cyclists!

  • Resources: resource-saving events, use of renewable energies.

  • Social responsibility: respectful interaction and cooperation with service partners, fair working conditions, tolerance, commitment against corruption.

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